Civictor T4 is a lightweight, smart running headlamp.
The headlamp is specifically designed with two separate optical systems on account of reading & running, for which it offers corresponding lighting efficacy: the floodlight offers even and smooth beam for up-close/wide-range illumination; while the spotlight offers central and comfortable beam for far-reaching illumination.
In accordance with different habits, users are capable of using the lamp with corresponding modes. General mode includes 3 output levels, which will automatically adjust according to users’ dark adaptation, maintaining good runtime without light effect compromised. Accordingly, the innovative mode switches between floodlight and spotlight intelligently based on the exercise intensity, and increases/decreases brightness.
In addition, the battery level indicator is at the bottom of the lamp, the lamp body can be replaced reversely as a camping lantern in the separated lamp holder, the commonly used Micro USB port combines convenience and reliability, compact body size and light weight make the lamp more comfortable to wear. Civictor T4 is the indispensable companion in night running and outdoor activities.

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