One of the most flexible lights in the Koncept collection, Splitty is named after its unique joint design. Standing at 17” high, the wide LED head casts an even glow onto any surface. The lamp performs as an ambient light as well as a functional task light. With a built-in continuous dimmer, a 360 swiveling head, and ultra flexible joints that allow the body and head to bend all the way forward and back, Splitty puts light exactly where it is needed.

Splitty emits beautiful, radiant light. There are never any hot spots or shadow breaks, thanks to the fully-diffused LED head. A discreet USB port allows users to charge their phones or tablets at ease. Mounting options such as desk clamps and wall mounts allow users to keep desk space open. The Splitty Pro version features a built-in occupancy sensor to maximize the already-high energy efficiency.

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