This is a new device for the single-rental youth which has the Bluetooth music player and the solar charging lighting function.

In China, many newly graduated unmarried youth live in rental houses in big cities. They often have only one small private bedroom and can’t improve their living environment by decoration.

So maybe it’s a possible solution to improve their environment by light and music.
We combine the lighting module and young people’s favorite Bluetooth speakers to create the new concept.
Meanwhile, we use the solar charging panel to realize the mobile usage of the wireless lighting. One lighting source can satisfy with the different using scenarios. (like desk lamp or bed lamp)

We use the solar panels to collect energy and supply the sufficient power for the LED lighting module. 5 hours enough sunshine can provide 5 hours 3 watt lighting. Meanwhile, the LED can also be charged fast by the Bluetooth music base.
The lighting module can also be detached to use from the music base.

This concept is enough compact and multi-fuuctional to slove the youth’s needs.
At the same time, It also make the life pretty.

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