White Ding is a functional pure, to meet the basic needs of the human body light table lamp. Made of metal, plastic, LED lamp beads and knobs. Product has its own lines and simple, reflected in the shape of a very strong professional attributes, is a professional LED lamp, black metal body with a red power cord and metal paint, the product is full of a strong visual impact , Switch the location of the decorative lamp with the lamp head location details of the product has a very strong sense of science and technology. By rotating the switch and pressing the rotation way to adjust the brightness of the light and color temperature, make the product more ease of use. Three tubular lamp holder allows light convergence, multi-angle, multi-directional adjustment method for white Ding applicable to all types of professional work scenes. White Ding is not just a LED table lamp, professional sense and sense of technology is the future development of White Ding.

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