LIMINAL is a minimalist and adaptable lighting unit that provides multifunctional usage scenarios. Rather than suggesting a singular use, LIMINAL transforms itself via its kinetic joints and adjustable lighting modules.

“A lamp doesn’t get more minimal than LIMINAL.” – Design Milk

LIMINAL draws its inspiration from a single line. It is a lighting unit with a plain form and a compact design. With its foldable body, LIMINAL can be easily packaged, taking minimum space.

LIMINAL provides more than a dozen scenarios via its rotatable joints, serving as a desk lamp, wall sconce or a ceiling pendant. Diffuse LED lights are placed on two surfaces, with multiple switch outputs.

Robust structure:
LIMINAL is made out of solid, high-caliber aluminium blocks that are CNC-milled and refined with traditional manufacturing methods such as metal lathe. The design includes custom designed, patent-owned 270-degree rotatable stainless steel joints.

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