C by GE Sol is a contemporary table lamp that is the control center of your smart home. Sol, which gets its namesake from the circular shape and illumination of the sun, is designed for placement in most primary rooms of a home-living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. It blends usability as a décor accessory, a modern appliance, and smart assistant.

The industry’s only table lamp to embed Amazon Alexa voice service inside, Sol brings all the features and skills of Alexa Voices Services™ without the need for a stand-alone Alexa device, including the ability to set a timer, ask for the time, listen to music, hear a news report and much more. Sol also is uniquely designed to pair visual light cues with everyday tasks, such as checking the time. Consumers can enable a clock function that puts illumination around the Sol’s ring where clock hands would go in a traditional clock.

In addition, with BLE mesh technology, it seamlessly controls a home full of C by GE smart bulbs, and via Wi-Fi it can integrate with other product ecosystems. Consumers may now bring these new technologies to a new level of integration and acceptance in their lives.

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