LitePad is a series of reading lamps developing from the lighting modules as the core. It is designed especially for students, teachers, designers and withe-collars.
By the magnet way, the lighting modules can be combined with various brackets into table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps. They are remarkably customized for reading by Chinese well-respected optical experts, eye specialists and industrial designers. The unique chips and lens can make the high-quality elliptical polarized light spot. Therefore, it can not only take care of your eyes, but fit the authentic writing scenes. And our readers& users can enjoy this wonderful eyes-protection trip. As desks and beds are often stuffed, the design of polarized light can guarantee high-quality brightness in the center of these places, even though the lamp is placed on the corner. The handy lighting modules have built-in polymer lithium battery that can offer 20-hours work. So it is easy to carry and deal with emergency. In sum, the smart module design and professional optical performance create this practical and user-friendly product.

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