The most outstanding feature of Master series is its inimitable connector design and flexible combination. Each square module is a complete light set, Like the Tetris, various effects can be achieved by connecting the modules into different shapes freely, such as linear light, L-shaped, T-shaped and so on. It gives designers greater room for elaboration. Compared with traditional connectors, Master learns from the Tenon concept in oriental architecture, without any screw, each connection takes a mere second & thus greatly improved the efficiency. What’s more, the Master have narrow trim and trimless version for option to meet different application requirements.
The Master born with amazing design and exquisite craft. Each part for installing feels great in hand, with a crispy “kada”sound when fit in. You can freely add or replace optical accessories such as honeycomb net, cross grid, stretching lens and soft tablet to meet the design needs. With the emitters of matte black, matte white, champagne gold and mirror alum reflectors, various matching of ceiling colors can be created. Application: Hotel, Office, Residential, Gallery, Museum and some other interior lighting use.

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