Balance is a series of professional zooming LED downlights. Hold the radiator and lift it up with a slight twist, and you can shift the width between the lamp beads and lens. By doing so, 17°, 25° and 36° beam angles can be easily zoomed without any replacement of optical devices. And the die-casting lines on the radiator’s side help you a lot to twist it.
Another smart innovation is the magnet electric shock absorption of reflective cups. Just a crispy “Kada” sound makes all that happen on the ring. This is a break-through into the traditional absorption of reflective cups and brings you an easy job and fresh experiences in it. Thanks to the unique designs in gear construction and pull rod, you can adjust the aperture within 355° range at your total will without removing the lamps, even after they are installed into ceiling. Meanwhile, the accurate tilt angles can be adjusted from 0° to 25°, so can the light direction. Perfect spot effects are thus created. This light also has deep anti-dazzle design and its shielding angle is greater than 30°.

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