Yeelight Candela Lamp is the world’s most innovative candle light that engineers have ever created. It adopts the latest Bluetooth (BLE) Mesh technology, combining the warm comfort of candlelight with the convenience and control of smart technology. The BLE Mesh technology allows up to 30,000 units Candelas to communicate with each other. By simply rotating a Candela, you can control all the connected Candelas.
Candela’s final design was the sum effort of 4 months collaboration with multinational design teams. Thousands of sketches were devised and revised in order to find the perfect blend between light, aesthetics and technology to proudly deliver a high quality product in every sense of the word. In spite of the challenging DFM (Design for Manufacture), Candela manages to realize a balance between maintaining mechanic efficiency and keeping the sleek design.
We want to fully load the lamp, offering a timeless piece with minimalist design components while using top quality materials to bring you the luxury product experience. We paid attention to every last detail in this lamp. We tested every part carefully and put the most suitable pieces in Candela.

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