Sway by Nick Rennie for Made By Pen

Made By Pen’s initial brief to Australian designer Nick Rennie was to design an innovative, cordless floor lamp that could be placed anywhere in a room without the need for power cords that were inevitable ‘trip hazards’.

Nick’s design not only fit the brief but challenged pre-conceived perceptions of what a floor lamp should look like and how it interacted with its users. Sway is a minimalist, nomadic floor lamp that is playful and could not be ‘knocked over’.

The Sway floor lamp’s crisp form and intelligent execution features a spherical silicone and LED light, a spherical metal base and a carbon rod separating the two distinct circular forms. The weighted round base is carefully engineered so that when the lamp is knocked, it sways elegantly back to centre.

The cordless floor lamp has a chargeable 10-hour battery life but can also act as a ‘conventional’ floor lamp when plugged into a power point for charging. The lamp is turned on/off by simply tapping the rod or head and is IP rated for ‘outdoor’ use.

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