For years we’ve seen people using hardware store splitters to make their own light fixtures. We admired the organic, fractal­like chandeliers that were created, however we couldn’t help but think that with a few refinements, these fixtures can be even more amazing. Going into this, our primary objective was to retain the versatility of Y-shaped splitters, while improving on proportions to avoid the cluttered appearance that often comes from using regular hardware store splitters. We experimented with various bulb sizes and found that smaller bulbs not only enhance aesthetics but can also provide sufficient ambient light while also reducing energy consumption and potential glare. The result is the Splyt light. You can build anything from a small tabletop decorative light to a large hanging chandelier. The E12 sockets will accommodate a variety of different bulbs to create your own unique look, and the base piece fits into a standard bulb socket. We want you to use your imagination to create all kinds of different styles – there are endless combinations of the number of Y-pieces, organic forms, and bulb shapes to make your own unique light.

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