About MatrixFlame™: The MatrixFlame™ is the most unique and revolutionary flameless candle on the market. Using 76 micro LEDs in the tip, the candle casts a flame that continuously varies in appearance. This rapidly changing flame creates the most true-to-life flicker ever invented. Viewed from any angle, the realistic effect is the same, providing a stunning and safe ambiance. Other unique features of the MatrixFlame™ include: Programmable flame with two (2) settings 700 hours of run time (2D batteries) 500 hours of run time (2C batteries) 250 hours of run time (4 AA batteries) LEDs last 100,000 hours, with no moving parts to wear out 100% pure paraffin wax shells Lightly scented wax On/Off and five-hour auto timer feature Indoor and covered outdoor use only Safe near children and pets Remote feature included APP feature included Covered by Chinese Patents 201420578165.2, additional U.S. and international patents pending

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