The Christmas decoration domain has been influenced by traditions ever since. Significant innovations are rare and often based on styling adjustments only. Therefore the Lumix Highlights by KRINNER are a refreshing statement. Based on the companies philosophy to celebrate a stress free but classy Christmas, this new product also includes technological trends. Regarding the companies design strategy, the Lumix Highlights represent the first step towards their consistent corporate product design. The concept is a novel interpretation of the classic Christmas tree ball. The sphere is reduced to a disc and creates a stage for floating light holograms. These are made by laser subsurface engraving (Vitrography). Each individual point of light is three-dimensionally incorporated into the acrylic glass. An intuitive user experience is achieved among other things through a simple attachment to the branch and the operation via infrared. Each highlight is held by a bracket shaped form, which finds its formal counterpart in the battery module. The simplicity of form sees itself as a calming contrast to the opulence of today’s Christmas and gives the glowing light motive space to take effect.

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