1. Led Phantom light, when the light is on, it will be a trail of exquisite Led strip. When the light is off, it will be a trim panel. No matter the light is on or off, it shows the perfect combination of decoration and lighting.
2. Phantom light can replace the cove light to achieve trim panel with Led strip in one light, not only save the decoration materials, but also save the room.
3. The light comes from both sides of the lamp to make the reflection and diffuse reflection between the light and wall, in order to show the light and hide the lamp.
4.LED phantom light has the function of dimmable and color temperature adjustable,its brightness and luminous color can be adjusted via the switch,and it achieves a variety of lighting effect of the environment, and creates an atmosphere with light and color what meets the psychological demand of people. 
5.LED phantom light uses male and female power interface plug, Clasp installation accessories, linkable connection design, safe and quick installation, no dark area when one light connect with others,at the same time,it reduces use of cabling wire and save installation time.

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