Twister Lighting® – a new brand advancing an innovative concept for installing ceiling and wall lamps.
This appliance, protected by patent, dispenses with the need for screws and can be fitted very easy. All you need is a hook and the lamp can be fixed with a twist. Without any further fastening elements or tools such as screws, fastening plates, clamps or unnecessary drilling.
The simple principle: Connect the wiring. Hang the lamp on the hook. Twist it into place. That’s it.

Ideal condition: An existing drill hole (e.g. from the previous tenant) can be used, then the hook can simply be turned in. Or a hook is already in place at the ceiling/wall.

Products submitted to the competition:
Twister Pure is currently available in two models:
– Twister PURE, aluminium
– Twister PURE, brass

The lamps are manufactured with a comparatively high portion of manual work and craftsmanship.
Function and form are reduced to the essential.

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