SLIM LINE 02 is a multifunctional pendant luminaire, which is available in different length and with and without slewing rings between the LED aluminium profiles, which can be rotated against each other and movable in the clip-fixture (red circular plastic component), independent from mounting location of the ceiling mount, also twistable between the LED aluminium profiles and can be used perfect as meeting room, office and/or dining luminaire. Because of the twistable LED aluminium profiles or the whole lamp, it is easy and fast possible, to adjust the lamp as direct or indirectly lighting. The integrated sensor system at one end of the lighting (cable outlet) recognise hand movements with blue flashing LED light, which allows to adjust the brightness of the LED pendant lamp. The surface of the aluminium profiles of the pendant lamp and the colour of the plastic clip fixture can be available in different surface finish and colours. A special presence sensor technology and a automatic daylight dependent brightness control and colour adjustment are in preparation and will be optional available, when the serial production will start.

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