With its extremely flat, square silhouette, the new RS PRO LED Q1 is the ideal indoor sensor LED light for demanding, modern lighting situations. What makes the luminaire unique is that, despite the integrated sensor system, it measures barely 6 centimetres in height and creates a totally homogeneous area of light.
The ceiling and wall-mounted luminaire has an angle of coverage of 360 degrees. It is equipped with a 27.5 watt LED light system yielding a luminous flux of 1,960 lumens at 70 lm/W. Energy-efficient light management is a simple matter with this luminaire. The RS PRO LED Q1 also switches OFF automatically in accordance with the level of daylight.
All settings can be made via remote control for ultimate convenience. A secure 868 MHz wireless connection is already integrated into the luminaire so that several lights can be interconnected in a group. Using the Remote Group Setting function (RGS) all relevant settings can be made on just one luminaire and are then relayed to all the other lights integrated in the group. Added convenience is also provided by the capability of switching on the main light and basic light level simultaneously for all lights within the entire group.

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