Delivering a balance of design and performance that seamlessly integrates multiple elements of shape and scale, Loop by Fluxwerx is the next step in advancing the connection between architecture and humanity.

A suite of linear suspended and recessed LED luminaires, Loop merges the aesthetics of both lines into a form factor that is minimal in scale, offering a solution for a wide variety of environments and conditions.

Featuring new Radial Anidolic optics technology, Loop delivers highly efficacious, precise, axially symmetric lighting distributions in a small scale, transparent optical lens for seamless integration with modern industrial design, plus offering visual comfort from all viewing angles and exceptional work plane uniformity.

Delivering 40 fc in an open office environment with an energy density approaching 0.35 watts per sq. ft., Loop provides superior energy efficiency and sustainability while allowing non-continuous row placements and increased end to end spacing options.

An innovative luminaire with unique aperture design, Loop combines modern form with new and advanced technology, engineering ingenuity and an obsessive attention to detail.

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