Loop 1 is your clear design, the innovative control and the light emitted by you. The aim was to develop a light which can emit atmospheric light of direct and indirect. As body, a hemispherical aluminum profiles was developed which is connected by a halved swivel, the result is a luminaire which is exciting and timeless at the same. It is available in black, white, aluminium and bronze. The frosted plastic profiles anxiously around the body is backlit with white and MultiChip of RGB LEDs, they ensure a homogenous and intense illumination of the plastic cover, of the room or the Tisches.Die LEDs can controlled by the integrated touch control, or optionally equipped with a Bluetooth interface for iPhone or Android. The software allows it to Dim the light separately to know color top and bottom. The lamp can be a sculptural element in the room, or dive tables and rooms in intense white or colour changing light atmospheres, separated upwards or downwards. The power consumption is extremely low with 100W and 6300lm.

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