LATITUDE – LED pendant light Inspired by the asymmetrical balance of the maple fruit (with its wingnut seed), Latitude hovers delicately in mid-air. Suspended off-centre, it appears to defy gravity with its buoyancy. The luminaire´s technical innovation is in confining all of the electrical elements, including the transformer, within the metal plates located at one end of the frame. This allows for a beautifully reduced design, with clean lines both on the frame and in the ceiling bridge. Warm white LEDs are embedded in the wooden frame, offering a wide-range of illumination, easily adjustable by dimmer both on the lamp and by remote control. Each wooden frame is paired with a complimentary metal: Latitude is available in walnut-brass, maple-copper, and cherry-steel wood-metal pairings. This pairing is echoed in unique metal inlays nested in the wood´s natural imperfections. The lamp is CSA certified, requires no assembly, and travels in a flat pack. Additional fine calibration can be done from outside the frame. Latitude was the recipient of the Best Prototype Award of the Interior Design Show, Toronto, Canada, Jan. 2016

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