1. EWINDOW, it’s an artificial daylight system. Provide lighting effect like daylighting.
(1). Function and outlook is close to a skylight.
(2). Provide soft sky light, like sky scatter sunlight.
(3). Provide bright oriented light, like sunchine.
(4). The smart control system can synchronize lighting ambient to the real sun in 24 hours.
2. We spend most of our time indoor. But many of them are not have adequate daylight. Also, in high latitude area, day time is short in winter, many people get winter depression. People live in the place without adequate daylight, it’s not comfortable and happy.
3. We develop EWINDOW to mimic daylight, hope to complement daylighting in the situations there are not adequate daylight. Improve lighting environment for more people.
4. It’s designed easy to mounting, easy to use and the price is affordable.

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