1. Design concept:Display bright starry sky effect by exquisite star sky screen printing. Endow the life with unlimited romantic interest.

2. Product function & feature:
(1) Intelligent eye protect.
Natural comfort light, no blue light extravasation, no flicker, ripple free. Through the test of EU optical biosafety identification. Protect pupil, sphincter, retina and optic nerve effectively. Care your family’s eyes, refusing the harm of blue light extrasavation. Create a healthy and comfortable lighting environment.
(2) 5 level dimmable, 6 level color temperature adjustment.
Cool white (clear and cool) , normal white( Max whole light ), warm white ( warm and comfortable), night light (Min. energy consumption 1W), sleep mode ( turn off automatically in 30 Mins.)
(3) ecoCloud APP smart control.
Download ecoCloud APP in the cell phone. It can realize the function of “home appliance control” , “remote control” , “scene free setting”, “Smart Home system” etc.

3. Implementation: Practical and convenient manipulation experience will be achieved through 3 independent control methods, “mobile APP”, “remote control” , “wall switch”.

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