1. Design concept: Dalen jellyfish desk lamp, refinement of light and shape, spirit of nature.

2. Product function & feature:
(1) Smart eye protect.
Imported SAMSUNG LEDS, no flicker, no visible light source, no blue light extrasavation. Through the test of EU optical biosafety identification.
(2) Dim and color adjustment by touch or slide on the lamp surface. Reading or ambient lighting schemes modes changeable.
Reading mode: Children 4000K/ adult 5000K touch adjustment. PMMA Light diffuse plate. the light is gentle and no glare.
Ambient lighting mode: RGB touch adjustment. Auto color changing mode. Create a dreamy lighting space.
(3) No button brief structure, no visible light source. Transparent texture reflect the metallic beauty, simple but not easy.

3. Implementation:Tactile switch
Reading Mode: Atmosphere Mode:
Turn On: Slip over the top by hand Turn On: Slip over the middle by finge
Dimming: Slip over the top again Color change:Slip over the middle again
CCT: Hand on the top for 1s Auto RGB: Finger on the middle for 1s
Turn Off: Hand on the top for 2s Turn Off: Finger on the the middle for 2s

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