The new salt light-pillar Helios Spectral embodies the link between nature and modern culture, style and elegance. Edgar I. Comanescu, owner and designer of the Salt Relax® manufactory, has again complied with his clients‘ wishes with this product. They want a mobile alternative to the salt wall: flat clinker bricks made of white mountain salt are supported by a slender construction out of black-painted wood. With this neutral colour, the wellness pillar fits perfectly into nearly every interior.

On the other hand, the installation with colourful, energy-saving LEDs is spectacular. The light can be set appropriately according to the occasion and mood. The remote control supplied is equipped with various light programmes. The programmes allow for static light, gradual colour transitions, or dynamic colour changes; definite colour circles provide mild illumination for the room. The brightness is variable as well.

The white mountain salt binds odours, ionises the air and creates a pleasant interior climate. The Helios Spectral has a salt surface area of 2.7 m2 on a foundation of only 37 x 37 cm. The self-supporting construction in a lightweight design is patented.

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