Built as a safety light for outdoor activities at night, the NU05 comes in coin-sized body with little weight at only 10.4g, making it extremely easy to be carried on backpack, wrist, bicycle or the back of the headlamp band or helmet. With bright red light/flashes, it offers ample lighting to make hikers, cyclists, motorcyclists, trail runners or anyone in the dark stand out, ensuring their visibility and safety. The red flashing mode makes it a qualified signal light for positioning when people are in distress as red light has the longest wavelength and penetrability. Built-in Li-ion battery offers runtime of 20 hours and can be recharged over 500 times, making it highly eco-friendly. NU05 also doubles as a backup headlamp with 35 lumens white output in case that there is a sudden power shortage or primary light fails. It is a highly portable, powerful and versatile must-have gadget for every outdoor sport enthusiasts.

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