Priority requirements in designing luminaire MISTRAL were:
1. To enable a simple integration of different number of lighting modules (2- 8), with the aim to offer to the market a several varieties of basic product.
2. To have possibility of mounting on arms or poles with diverse endings and
3. To provide easy servicing and maintenance with minimal hand tools.
For obtaining this the optimal way, we have escaped from the concept of ‘dressing’ the product, an approach most common in existing products of this category. It’s a fact that, individually observed, aluminium housing of LED lighting, which is cooler at the same time, esthetically represents a robust element ‘weeping’ to be hidden. The impression is drastically changed by repeating this module in the space, and already, from three elements onward, the compact unit is created with appropriate rhythm within the elements. The segment containing the driver and system for holding of diverse carriers is a bridge between lighting modules and the pole, and esthetically represents the essential intervention in shape, with the aim to achieve the appropriate visual balance between different entities observed from bellow.

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