The luminaire body made of aluminum is graphite gray lacquered and has no striking details but rather conveys a reduced expression. The flat lamp head is equipped with high-quality LEDs, which light up in a pleasant warm white and create a bright light. The LED bollard lamp is equipped with a joint which allows you to move the lamp head up and down in order to better align the light beam The wall light is also equipped with a sensor. The luminaire head is also movable. The integrated motion detector proves to be very useful because it makes the bollard light so flexible to respond to all movements when the luminaire is switched on. Material:ADC-12 Aluminum & Mitsubishi Pc Motion detector data: – Light duration adjustable (5 seconds to 8 minutes) – Range 6 to 10 meters – Detection angle is 120 degrees. -IP54 -WATT 10W -KELVIN 3000K

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