A wireless and multi-functional camping lantern with 3 modules – it innovatively connects the lantern to a Bluetooth speaker and power bank by means of magnets. These modules can be used individually or combined in a multitude of configurations up to 8 modes, eliminating the need for data cables, which gives joy to the users. IP66 rated protection, it is intended for groups or family camping usage.
With a built-in 10000mAh Li-ion battery, the power bank module has charging, discharging functions and battery level indication. Your outdoor life will be more colorful thanks to the user-friendly designs.
The lantern module is fitted with multiple 2835 LED’s, which delivers 3D lighting emitting 50 lumens when used individually, or 200 lumens with the battery module attached, or combine up to 4 lights for an output of 800 lumens.
Enjoying music or having a party, it will be convenient to play music by controlling the Bluetooth speaker via mobile phone .
Added to the hanging loop and a tripod socket in the base, it also has a magnet for handy fixing, hanging or mounting. All the designs – simple but modern in appearance and construction – make it an attractive camping lantern.

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