Enzo flood light is a typical architecture lighting products.The Enzo of Ferrari is a legend in the car history and it named after the founder- Enzo Ferrari.The design concept of this Enzo fixture was from the Ferrari car front, the base came from the warrior’s helmet, which is with professionalism and concentration, and warrior’s aggressiveness.

*Choosing COB LED is preferable, the bean angles have 4 to 60 degrees options and for symmetry. The product is made by die-casting and extrusion process. What’s more, this product is well match with modern buildings and sculptures . If it is applied to the modern city landscape design ,it will improve the  artistry of environmental design and reflects modern industrial design of the environment.

*The product is made by die-casting and extrusion process. Surface treatment adopts special environmental dichromate coating and Tiger powder, which make products have good performance of high anti-corrosion and weather resistance in outdoor.

*This product is good for multiple applications like: modern architecture, ancient architecture,bridges, landscape, sculptures etc.

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