Bazz arose from the need to provide uniform and easy-toinstall outdoor lighting. This family is designed to complement and enhance an area which was being dealt with by the Bauline family, involving further technological advances and providing specific solutions for lighting designers.

One of the key factors in outdoor products is reliability, ease of installation and with no need for internal handling which might affect the good performance of the product. And Bazz provides the added advantage that all the cabling is hidden in a hole in the cover. Moreover, this cover makes it easy to install on the surface and enables you to point it wherever you wish.

Furthermore, Bazz also promotes the concept of sale by metres of its Fil LED brothers, and the lighting concept was designed using reflectors which flood the wall and both intensive and diffuse general lighting. The stainless steel frames have been designed to reduce the space between lights to a minimum, providing uniformity and efficiency in equal parts.

Design by Lamp

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