LyraiN is a pilot model of a new generation private spa line. New morphology goes hand in hand with newly developed technologies resulting in greater comfort and more ecological operation. Despite sophisticated functions (e.g. mobile app control, self-diagnosis, service logs, save-mode) the spa control is more intuitive and user-friendly. The shell design clear of vain shapes fully uses the inner space while evolving the fundamental spa principles. The unique shape of iNwave® loungers allows to fix the legs in various massage positions to people of different physique. Functional design details are complemented by multicolour light system, which guides the user while enhancing the overall relaxation atmosphere combining hydro, chromo and aroma therapies. New info displaying system is crucial. Illuminated piezo buttons supersede classic control panel, while the display is placed separately inside the spa. Besides operation info it graphically displays the bath duration and even the outside temperature. The spa is for year-round relaxation in exterior or interior. It uses the well-proven materials – acrylic and Thermowood. It can be supplied without wooden cabinet for integration.

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