The VAL toilet is a product of the ongoing, successful partnership between Swiss bathroom manufacturer LAUFEN and the acclaimed industrial designer Konstantin Grcic. The collaboration started in 2013, when LAUFEN invited Konstantin Grcic to experiment with its new material SaphirKeramik – a revolutionary ceramic, perfected during five years of research and development, which is twice as hard as conventional vireous china. Using SaphirKeramik, Grcic created a series of truly innovative concept basins, which were subsequently developed into the collection VAL, launched commercially in 2015.
The studies in form made possible by SaphirKeramik were then translated into viterous china, pushing the boundries of what can be achieve with this material. And when the time came to turn the VAL collection into a complete bathroom set in 2017, Grcic could build on the distinct architectural forms of the basins in the range and design a toilet that departs from the more classic shapes of WCs, is compelling, memorable and contemporary. Great products add value to the user’s life; and the VAL toilet goes beyond fulfilling its functional purpose to add iconic aesthetic qualities to bathroom design.

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