With concise design and white antibacterial PP material, the product provides a clean and comfortable user experience.
Design of seating experience. Based on the research data of different gender, age, height, weight of the crowd for toilet habits, we have designed an ergonomic Arc 3D seat surface. The seat heating has multiple work modes such as schedule heating, automatic power-saving heating and warm-keep heating.
Design of clean water. The nozzle is made of 316 stainless steel, before and after spray operation, it will perform a self-cleaning. The product has a premium ceramic water heater, heating up running water instantly. With an external water filter, it can remove 99.99% bacteria (coliform group) in water.
Design of operating experience. Three main buttons of control panel are equipped with braille dots. Spray and temperature settings can also be adjusted here. The light sensing module senses light intensity, to set the auxiliary lighting automatically.
Design of smart control. The product works with Mijia app. User can operate kinds of functions on the smartphone. Users wearing MI smart bracelet, can pair it with the product to record their usage habit.

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