Our product is a concealed cisterns smart function control unit. To do function under normal conditions, either be entered manually by pressing the button or photocell circuit or touchmatic. There are products on the market in photocell or manual control or touchmatic panels. There are battery-assisted touch screen control panel on the market but this product is no photocells and manual control. Our distinctive features of our product are described substances into other products. *Our product can be supported electricity as others under construct. *The greatest feature of our products in others;It can be used as battery supported without any construction. *Mechanical Creavit concealed cisterns used the bathroom and WCs available, Creavit concealed cisterns converted to a smart concealed cisterns controlled by a set of replacement batteries. Therefore labor costs and loss of time will not happen. *Mechanical and photocell products are on the market at all. But, not in a product market, covering three properties at the same time as our product. If the desired product is battery-backed,if desired, electrically assisted, It can be used.

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