With its delicate and tasteful design, SWAY D is as much a decorative element in the bathroom as it is a toilet seat. SWAY D introduces a feather-light sweeping line to the simple, Nordic look. The slim, curved profile is the result of many hours of shaping by hand during the initial design phases. The effect is a tight, streamlined look, which makes SWAY D the perfect choice for the more discerning minimalist. The new seat has been designed by Pressalit’s in-house designer Lars Herold. With SWAY D, he has designed a new design range that incorporates a feminine look with masculine elements in Pressalit’s product palette. With its well-composed lines, SWAY D combines slimness and self-assurance. With its lift-off and soft-close functionalities, the SWAY D toilet seat is easy to clean as it can be easily removed from the toilet for thorough cleaning. The seat closes in a smooth movement with a gentle nudge. With a unique emblem carrying the Pressalit brand, it provides the user with a mark of quality for a stylish choice and distinct comfort. The stainless steel emblem has been designed to catch both light and shadow, and therefore comes alive in the minimalist design.

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