MOJE is a hygeian water-saving toilet without tank,and the most important design points are as follows:
1.Air can be injected in water by industrial initiative jet device to force water pressurize and enhance flow kinetic energy greatly at the same time.This not only ensure MOJE can work normally in low water pressure environment(0.06MPa ), but also can save water. The amount of water used at one time is 3-4L.
2.Precision electrolysis device with fusion ion sterilization technology, high efficiency and safety. With unique air hybrid technology for frequency conversion massaging and cleaning, it can effectively prevent and treat diseases such as constipation, hemorrhoids and gynecological diseases.
3.Initiative gourd type cover seat in the industry, more ergonomic design to fit body perfectly and comfortable even sitting for a long time.
4. One key integrates multiple functions: Posterior-cleaning,drying and feminine-cleaning. Adjusting water volume and wind temperature by pushing button and moving the nozzle. Dimensional 3-D touch designed is convenient for senior people, the pregnant and children to use the function keys without turning back.

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