The washroom is a key part of the built environment, but has lagged behind in terms of design. We are only now beginning to see design entering public washrooms and beginning to equal the design focus of private bathrooms.

Most washrooms today have a range of different dispensers, many with competing designs. Development of a complete range was important given the unique design and the recognition that it is going to play an important role in public washrooms in the future.

The unique design of IMAGINE RANGE in its distinctive and bold use of geometric shapes that look like precious gem stones brings the washrooms to another level.

Washrooms can be expensive for businesses. That is why design has become increasingly important for facility managers. The new CANNON HYGIENE range has removable covers. This provides facility managers with the opportunity to easily refill or change the colour of their dispensers to fit with their new washroom look when required, without significant expenses.

Space inside and out, as well as angle depth have been carefully managed to ensure the appearance of compactness is preserved, reducing raw material usage and waste. As much as possible

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