HDE5001 intelligent toilet opens 2.0 epochs, by water filtration and ultraviolet sterilization nozzle, which can makes the product really clean, solving the biggest pain point of the use of intelligent toilet – (clean). We propose the product concept, which is „clean, not only in the water“ in the field of intelligent sanitary. The design and development of the products is from the perspective of consumers.1.Exterior design. The extreme thin design.Integrated design.The detailed design. 2.Technology innovation. The thermal frequency conversion technology can adapt to the seasonal changes. ultraviolet sterilization technology. adaptive drying technology. 3.Five core upgrades.thinner design.faster reaction rate.eight types of security protection.more reliable.easier after-sale service. 4.Humanization design. night light.antibacterial spray rod. 5.Energy saving design.frequency conversion technology.Standby energy saving.Business model.Ultraviolet sterilization.Water-saving design.6.The upgrade of humanistic care technology.Flushing upgrade.Sensitivity remote control. Intelligent deodorization.

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