FAMILYCARE combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek design to take cleanliness and care of your family to a new level. A minimal oval design embodies sophisticated family care features: Comfort, Hygiene, and Wellness.

The innovative 3-way rotating nozzle provides specific washing modes for the elderly, kids, women and those with constipation. The Sugar spray mode has 78 micro-holes to provide a gentle and smooth washing experience for those with sensitive skin, such as kids and the elderly. The Flat spray is designed to provide mild and cleaner washing for menstruating women. The Single round spray provides a massaging effect for those with constipation. An infrared dryer provides healing lighting therapy, which is especially healthier for women and those with sensitive skin.

The water filtration system ensures the water is always pure for washing. The bowl and wand are sanitized with E-water and UV lighting after each use. The minimal gaps design makes it easy to clean.

A special inclined seat helps the muscles fully relax while sitting, assisting with easier and effective elimination. A bigger and better-angled inclined side panel offers a better user experience.

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