New sanitaryware collection created by Paolo Zani for Queo, is an inspiration coming from fiords, where the sea water is entering into a coastal area deep into the land. The wc has been designed with high regards to functionality and its aesthetic. The thin lid and seat cover once opened reveal a inner profile carefully designed for hygiene and easy cleanliness. This comes from a simple observation on how men and women are using the wc in different ways and not necessarily with the same concern. Men are supposed to lift the seat cover while standing in front of the wc and hopefully place it back before leaving. While designing WC designer had to think of a different solution for an inexpensive self-cleaning surface Together with the technical department, the rim is designed in order to reduce the flat surface on the top border where usually men’s are dripping urine drops, while having them flowing inside the wc as much as possible. The thin border will be less spotted and look more clean and hygienic.This is not the only idea behind this product, but a combination of many elements blended into an innovative collection.

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