VisbodyFit Hi 3D is an intelligent body scale that provides measurement, tracking and advice for health and fitness.
Products can be generated by three-dimensional scan of the real 3D human body model to achieve millimeter-scale measurements and accurate analysis of the human body composition, only two steps can be measured 12 precision body composition test report, including (body weight, body fat percentage, based Metabolic rate, muscle mass, BMI, BVI, visceral fat, waist-to-hip ratio, skeletal muscle, body moisture content, body age, body dimension).
Products can be identified in different height, fat and thin body type, so that through voice prompts and light guidance, can be completed in two steps detection, and the use of three-dimensional bone point detection, to provide users with accurate millimeter body posture assessment, and fast Give health advice and training action norms and corrections.
VisbodyFit Hi 3D Fitness Scale in the United States after the launch of CES market caused a strong resonance, and get
Highly appreciated by partners from all over the world and established a lot of cooperation.

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