Uber Sonic Proud Maker of white smiles Far up in the sky on a flight between Zurich and Basel, the first sketch of what you have in your hands today started to take shape – the Uber Sonic. Our designer Jan was fiddling around on his new phone and found that anodized aluminium would be cool to use for a toothbrush because of its exclusive quality. When the creative team got back to Basel they assembled a group of industrial design professionals and started to work on the inside of the mechanism. The result of two years of dedicated work is what you have in your hands today. A beautiful, lightweight piece of art as far as we know, the only tooth brush in the world made of aluminium. It does one thing and one thing only, but it does it impeccably well. The Uber Sonic prevents gum disease, removes plaque and harmful bacteria up to seven times more than a normal toothbrush. This product comes with a refill service of brush heads. (free shipping) For more information visit us at www.swisslux.se/subscriptions/uber-sonic

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