STAR AIR is a portable Refreshing Inhaler, which provides a good choice to the user for healthy leisure instead of cigarette.
1. Natural and healthy material
STAR AIR transfers water and natural materials (such as tea, coffee, American ginseng) into energy aroma, relaxing and refreshing to the user. It helps the world to get rid of nicotine and protect people’s health, meanwhile create a new time of leisure.
2.No burning or smoke
Traditional electric cigarette or energy inhaler burns herb oil (most of them with nicotine together) into smoke, which do much harm to the users‘ lungs by heating way. While with its unique technology, STAR AIR only provides healthy aroma and leisure.
3. Environment-friendly ultrasonic aroma system
Most of the mini ultrasonic aroma products using a cotton core for supplying liquid, while STAR AIR’s new system reduce this cotton core and waste, and it’s easier for cleaning and avoiding germs.
4. Meet the user’s psychological, physical and aromatic needs
STAR AIR offers users a solution specifically for quitting smokers that is psychologically, physically and aromatically adapted to user habits, reducing their pain and drag on quitting smoking.

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