Nowadays, with the improvement of living standards, how to keep healthy has become a common pursuit. This smart healthy scale will be a good choise for people. It adopts high-intensity tempered glass, which has the advantage, over common glass, of higher strength, and has a greater carrying capacity. With the metal rim, breathing aperture and readable display screen, the basic data can be got directly. The breathing light will show users’ physical heath more intuitively by different colors and breathing speed. This product is durable and esay to use. Accurately measure the data of users equipped with advanced ITO conducting film technology; the design of TFT high definition display screen matched with dynamic aperture, screen graphical data display and genial user communication can show the information of users naturally and fluently. Intelligent APP makes users know their body detailedly. Visual data display, interesting and seamless operation mode, personalized wellness program and consultation, all-around health behavior supervision, matched with multi-user management mode can bring 360-degree all-around health service and perfect health experience for the family.

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