Terraillon’s R-Link series of ultra slim scales are weight tracking platforms with automatic recognition for each individual in your household.
The scales provide Weight, Body composition + BMI evaluations with clever colour coding on the backlit LCD for easy monitoring and recognition.
The impedance from a Body fat analyser is the solution for those who want to take control of their bodies, or simply keep a watchful eye over their fitness.
The designs include a Bluetooth version for connecting to the Wellness Coach App, where you can set your goals and get exclusive contents which are scientifically approved to reach them.
The body composition scale does not just give you your weight it analyses it in detail: percentage of body fat, body water and muscle mass.
The load measuring sensors are imbedded into the glass platform with an anti-smudge coated stainless steel lamination to provide a uniquely slim construction with great strength and a premium finish.

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