The physical form design of NEXT BEAUTY hair removal instrument features simplicity and elegance, and meets the requirements of modern aesthetics.
The chiller on the head is designed with a concave circular curved surface, being closer to the skin and with no light leakage;
Al-Mg alloy material is safe, durable, and nonperishable;
Perfect combination of the double built-in semiconductor cooling parts and the chiller leads to a more even distribution of freezing-point area and a good cooling effect, effectively cooling the skin temperature before and after the hair removal.
The sense of pain, glare, and leakage of light of the traditional hair removal instruments are eliminated, bringing about a new experience of painless and comfortable hair removal.
A special radiating design of double swirl fan is adopted, effectively solving the heat dissipation problem of the tube and the chiller.
The physical form is designed as a compact whole without screws, along with a size of easy operation.

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