NanoMix – A portable activating apparatus is one of Japan’s honey silk’s main product, is the first to spray the machine of all kinds of watery skin care products. The use of advanced medical pneumatic spray technology, to protect skin to taste is decomposed into micron grade atomization skin molecules, spray evenly on the skin surface. NanoMix – A can be directly spray toner, essence, such as water to protect skin to taste, can also be atomized pure milk, fruit juice, red wine, such as natural skin nourishment, spray A key, to avoid hand apply skin care of problems in the air pollution and cross infection. Protect skin to taste molecular spray evenly on the face close, absorb better, save 50% dosage of skin care products at the same time. Portable design, moisturizing skin care anytime, anywhere, with makeup used not to spend makeup. Removable capsule water tank, the use of compatible capsule to protect skin to taste, capsule type skin care products with advantages of prevent acidification, clean, convenient and easy to use, is the first choice for high-end skin care products packaging.

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