Missbowbow 3M net eye patch is to provide a hope for those beauty woman can have a chance to adjust the eyelid. With the elegant packaging design, using the marble element and gold embossing print to provide affordable luxury. Even it is the easy apply beauty tool, but we still keep our main concept to make people to have a good solution to storage. We also apply a mirror on the top of the product, make it user friendly. It is also easy to carry and use.

The eye patch have a unique design that we use nude color with the net material from 3M. Long standing and good viscosity, breathability, and non-sensation. You can use it both before and after your makeup. The tool that we provide with our product is also can solve the problem that people don’t need to use hand to apply the product. We would like to provide the product is invisible also can have the nature look.

Missbowbow 3M net eye patch is a user friendly product and easy to apply. You can find surprise from this product.

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