LG Pra.L is a home skincare package that allows women to care for their skin easily at home.
With the function of high frequency and micro-current LED, each device helps manage skin to be firm and refreshing. Its steel pink color gives it an elegant and luxurious feel, and its simple and slim body offers a feel of a smart device as well as a stable and comfortable grip. In addition, the round, triangle, and square heads are specialized for each function and use, and offer comfortable angles for the user’s wrist even for a long period of time.
The 230g LED mask is the lightest among the products of the kind, and the glass leg feature makes it effortless to put the product on. As each product has a holder for UV sterilization, the user can always keep it in a hygienic condition. LG Pra.L is the product designed for the fundamental beauty of women.

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